Received from our new local National Parent Forum representatives, 27/4/13.

They aim to "establish a coherent system to share information and to provide a strong voice at local and national level for the parents of Aberdeenshire" and will be meeting with Aberdeenshire Council on 2nd May to discuss this. We will post an update from them after the meeting.

Please take time to read their 'Letter to Parent Councils' (linked in the text below) in detail, as it contains a wealth of useful links, including local consultations.


To: Parent Councils & Parent Forums of all schools in Aberdeenshire

From: Cara Eriksson & Fiona Sawyer, National Parent Forum of Scotland (Aberdeenshire). Please contact us at: .

Dear All,

Please see the attached: 1. Letter to Parent Councils, 2.A guide to Gathering Views and Ensuring Parents' Voices are heard in your school, 3. Aberdeenshire's Guidelines for the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence 2013.

Kind Regards

Cara & Fiona.