Here we are at the end of November already, but just in time to post some updates and announcements.

  • Banchory Academy condition and suitability of premises – a parental perspectivethe parent council is aware that council officers are engaging with Banchory Academy relating to issues with the structure and suitability of the premises and we are pleased this is happening. We have contributed a parental perspective on the situation. The report, Banchory Academy condition and suitability of premises – a parental perspectivehighlights areas where parents have reported significant impact on their children’s learning experience. It sets parents’ views about the current state of the Banchory Academy premises in the wider context of school estate maintenance both nationally and locally. We have circulated this report to council officers and to our local elected Aberdeenshire Council members.
  • Aberdeenshire Council: Have your say - budget engagement - 2016/17 - in these straitened times for public spending, Aberdeenshire Council is seeking the public's views on its spending priorities, including education spending. You can contribute your views via this online survey.