Thank you to all those who, over the last few years, tirelessly attended meetings, wrote, emailed and petitioned to make clear their concerns surrounding the implementation of CfE Senior Phase in Aberdeenshire. While the end result for our school, which was communicated at a recent S3 parents evening, is not necessarily the one that parents would have liked, it is not for want of trying.

Throughout the process we have been fortunate to enjoy the support of our school’s Management Team who delayed committing to a 2014-15 S4 timetable model for as long as possible. However, the point was reached at which a decision had to be made in order that timetables and the new subject choice process could be developed in a measured and professional manner. Given these circumstances and Aberdeenshire Council’s inflexible stance, the choice was made to adopt the 6-subject model.

The level of parental engagement has been high and as a parent body we’ve certainly developed a deep understanding of the educational system, its challenges, its changes and its associated local and national politics. Aberdeenshire Council are developing a set of Qs and As which they hope will give parents a better understanding of their approach. When these are published we will post the link on this site.

Henceforth our focus will be on supporting our school’s continuing efforts to achieve the very best outcomes for all our children within its new Senior Phase model. The Management Team are working hard to develop a range of options (‘learner journeys’ in CfE-speak) appropriate to pupils of all aims and abilities. We continue to be represented on Aberdeenshire’s Senior Phase Working Group, a group which was constituted as a direct result of parental pressure throughout the Shire. This group is reviewing Senior Phase implementation and trends across the Shire and across Scotland. We welcome proposals to introduce parental representation at an earlier stage of Aberdeenshire’s Education, Learning and Leisure policy development which will perhaps reduce the likelihood of our being presented with another fait accompli in a major policy area. The more formal the platform for the parental voice, the more influence we hope it will have in the future.

Meanwhile thank you once again for your support for the Parent Council and its efforts on your behalf and we all look forward to more positive (and much shorter) Parent Council meetings.

Peter Wise (Chair, BAPC) 

(For the history of our CfE campaign 2010-2013, click here).