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Back in November we announced the Scottish Government's consultation about Empowering Schools. This heralds what will be a significant change in educational governance, with many responsibilities currently held by the local authority devolved down to schools or up to new regional improvement collaboratives covering several local authorities. Discussion and debate is ongoing nationally and some aspects are contentious, so the eventual implications for individual schools are not yet fully clear, but whatever happens there will be changes afoot. As is often the way with government consultations, this one was complex to respond to as it presupposed more familiarity with current local, regional and national arrangments than most parents would ever have, but the parent council did its best to reply on behalf of the parent body (and of course some among you will probably have sent individual responses too) by representing the views discussed at parent council on the subject.

For the record, here is Banchory Academy Parent Council's response to the Empowring Schools consultation.




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