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News from Aberdeenshire Council about a survey:

Aberdeenshire Council are preparing to introduce new technology to allow schools to communicate electronically with parents by email, text message and push notification to a smartphone app.

This will allow schools to send messages to each pupil's main parent / guardian contact where up-to-date email or mobile telephone numbers are held. This technology will replace the current limited functionality available in some schools with enhancements such as being able to send attachments like newsletters or forms, and for parents / guardians to respond to the communication electronically too.

Please note that letter and telephone-based contact will remain for some communications, especially those of a confidential / sensitive nature.

In preparation for the roll-out of the new messenger technology - scheduled by the end of the 2016/17 academic year - our schools are keen to gain some parental insight into what types of communication you would like to receive electronically. This short survey will be used to inform guidelines about the types of communication that the messaging service should be used for and how often you would like to receive communications.

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