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Our Aberdeenshire National Parent Forum of Scotland representatives, Cara Eriksson and Fiona Sawyer, who arranged the event in Aboyne on the Curriculum for Excellence and the Senior Phase, have prepared a report on the Minister for Learning's visit to Aboyne on June 17th 2013, covering:

  • who attended on behalf of the Government, Aberdeenshire Council and schools in Aberdeenshire;
  • the issues which were put by parents to the Minister and Aberdeenshire Council prior to and discussed during the meeting;
  • what was agreed to be taken forward as an action and by whom; and
  • news from after the meeting.

The report makes reference to Aberdeenshire's Guidelines for the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence March 2013 and to an extract of Aberdeenshire's CfE Guidelines 7th June 2012.

Whether or not you were at the meeting, please read the report to keep up to date with the situation.


Plus: Parent/Carer questions on CfE and Qualifications Answered

Nationally, over the last few months, parents and carers have submitted questions to the NPFS about Curriculum for Excellence and the new qualifications at Qualifications Plus events and through the NPFS website. Answers to these questions have been provided by Education Scotland, Scottish Government and the Scottish Qualifications Authority: NPFS - Parent/Carer Questions Answered on CfE and Qualifications. 

Other NPFS news

For a full round-up of local and national NPFS activity, please see the July NPFS Aberdeenshire Newsletter (makes reference to an exchange of correspondence re space for external exams, and to national NPFS minutes from March).




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