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All parents are invited to drop in to the final Banchory Community Action Plan consultation event on Thursday 23rd March any time between 7pm and 9pm in the Sanctuary at the West Church.

Mary Lennox, chair of the Banchory Community Action Plan steering group, sent us the following email:

Dear Alex

I am emailing you in your capacity as Secretary of Banchory Academy Parent Council.

You will of course have been kept informed of our progress by Vikki Duncan, one of your members, who has been a valuable member of the Community Action Plan Steering Group and you will be aware that at last we are nearing the end of the process.

We have planned one final consultation session before we go to publication and we would, therefore, like to invite you, your group members and any parents who are interested to come along to The Sanctuary, West Church, High Street, Banchory anytime between 7 - 9 p.m on Thursday 23rd March for a final chance to review the issues and discuss/design the actions for the Banchory Community Action Plan before it is published in early summer.

The need for a new or at the least a very much upgraded Academy is at the top of the community 's list of desired improvements. The main action the community can take is to lobby hard for a new or at least much improved school. I knew that the Parent Council has already begun this task, but it may be worth exploring whether an even stronger message can be sent by forming a group which would include other community members e.g representatives of the Parent Councils of the two primary schools, the community council and others. It would seem logical if this group could be under the leadership of the Academy Parent Council, but that would be for your members to consider.

As Chair of the Action Plan Steering Group I have already conveyed the message to Aberdeenshire that the Academy is the issue that is most important for the Banchory community, but it would be helpful if at our Open Event on 23rd March there were enough parents and other members of the community to reinforce this message to the Council officers who will also be attending the event. If we don't do something, yet another generation of Banchory children will have to put up with substandard accommodation.

We will be trying to publicise the event in the next three weeks, but would be grateful if you could help us to let parents and indeed any community members know.

I hope to see you and others of your members at the event.

Kind regards


Mary Lennox
The Steering Group
Banchory Community Action Plan




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