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Constitution image(When better than this week, when minds are focused on potential constitutional change, to issue this required advance notice of proposed updates to the BAPC constitution?)

Parent Councils are statutory bodies with defined rights and duties. The way they work is captured in a Constitution. When Banchory Academy Parent Council was established in 2007 under the Parental Involvement Act it drafted a Constitution which has prevailed ever since. During that time, the expectations and activities of Parent Councils have evolved but our Constitution has not.

To address this our Constitution has recently been updated and the new version can be found here. The main changes are highlighted. It draws heavily on the original but better reflects how our Parent Council is now structured, works and interacts with the various bodies we engage with.

The Act requires changes to a school’s Parent Council Constitution to be put to the Parent Forum for approval either at the AGM or at a Special General Meeting. The new Constitution must be published at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. This is notice that Parent Council will put the new Constitution before an SGM immediately before our next meeting at 7.00pm on October 2nd in the Banchory Academy library. All members of the Parent Forum are entitled to attend the SGM (and the subsequent PC meeting should they wish). The PC encourages parents to review the new Constitution and submit any comments either in person at the SGM or beforehand to the PC Chair who can be reached at or via the School Office.




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