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Whether or not you are able to attend the meeting in Aboyne on June 17th with Alasdair Allan (see previous news item), this Scottish Parliament Information Centre CfE briefing material for MSPs (provided by our NFPS reps) is a must-read to familiarise yourself with the background and some of the debate around CfE and the new qualifications.

If you've formally registered for the meeting, you should have received this Letter to Attendees. If you haven't registered yet, you can still turn up on the night.

Other news:

  • Some of our parents have set up a Facebook page: Curriculum for Excellence - Parents' Voice to provide a forum "for pupils and parents who believe that Scottish schools should be able to offer 8 examinable subjects to S4 pupils studying in the Curriculum for Excellence, where this is consistent with local needs and wishes".
  • A school in West Dunbartonshire has successfully challenged its local authority's proposed overarching regional model and won the right to offer up to 8 subjects for its S4 pupils, an approach which it felt was best suited to that individual school's needs. 




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