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Another school year has gone by and the Parent Council has met for the last time in this session. 

The draft minutes from the June 2017 meeting and the final minutes from the May 2017 meeting are now available.

We said farewell and thanks to our chair, Yvonne Leathley, who is standing down after many years on the Parent Council. Thanks also to Gill Keith who is also standing down after years of contribution. Following the recent Aberdeenshire Council local election we have three new local councillors who have a standing invitation to our meetings and will continue the valuable support that we had from former councillors Karen Clark, Linda Clark and Jill Webster. Cllrs Rosemary Bruce and Ann Ross were able to attend our June meeting. 

Next year's Parent Council will be constituted at the annual Parent Forum meeting on Thursday September 7th at 19:00 at the school. The new Parent Council will meet immediately afterwards at 19:30.

All parents/carers of pupils at the school are automatically members of the Parent Forum. The Parent Council represents the Parent Forum. All parents/carers are welcome at all meetings. If you'd like to get involved, contact any of us or come along in September.

Have a lovely summer break.

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