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You are on the Parent Council website. Please note that any views expressed on this site are those of the Parent Council as distinct from Banchory Academy or Aberdeenshire Council.

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WhosWhoThe parent council membership for this year was confirmed at last week's meeting, but is not fixed in stone - we would welcome further interest, particularly from parents of S1 and S2 pupils. And if taking notes at meetings is your forte we could really do with someone to take the minutes on a regular basis - at the moment we're taking turn and turn about.

Chairperson: Peter Wise

Acting Vice-Chairperson: Alex Wilowska

Secretary: ad hoc

S1: Jeff Wallace

S2: Heidi Mellor

S3: Lynne Skinner, Alex Wilowska

S4: Megan Hare (TBC), Gill Smith (TBC)

S5: Alan Smith, Louise McBeath

S6: Clare Gordon, Yvonne Leathley

All contact details are available via the Contact menu link.





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